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Why it's time to ditch the flowers for Valentine's Day

As a guy facing Valentine's Day you don't want to disappoint. No matter your moral objections, come 14 February you don't want to be caught short!

Now, a dozen roses is the standard Valentine's benchmark. And, it certainly has some short term impact. But, if you’re looking for a little more longevity in love why not gift a plant this Valentine's Day? Plants look great, smell nice and are a healthy addition to the home. But hey, now we’re writing the Valentines card for you too, we can’t do all the work!

Why a plant for Valentine's day?

Because plants won’t die like the poor wilting roses will. And, if nurtured and cared for they will continue to grow just like your relationship! Get your partner a thoughtful growing gift as a sign of your love and your commitment.

What are the best Valentine's day plants?

Plants with heart-shaped leaves obviously! Here are our picks for plants that will keep you well out of the dog house this Valentine's Day.

1. Heart Leaf Philodendron

Seems pretty obvious this one! As well as having beautiful heart shaped leaves, these plants are almost impossible to kill. So, even if you or your partner has a bit of a black thumb and forgets to water them now and again, there is almost no chance of them keeling over. So these are a solid, low risk option, just like you!

2. Philodendron Hederaceum ‘Micans’ 

Go premium with velvet. Just like a Heart Leaf Philodendron this has big heart shaped leaves with a lovely velvet feel. Even though these beauties are relatively easy to care for they do require a little bit more attention to survive and thrive, like we all do!


3. Ornamental Yam (Dioscorea Discolor)

This amazing plant produces big leaves with an intense mosaic of colour through summer but die back completely in winter. This makes them perfect for that intense on again, off again relationship! 

4. The Rock Fig (Ficus Petiolaris)

A beautiful little fig with bright pink leaf veins and a single, highly specialised insect pollinator. This is a gift that says to your partner that they are your rock, your one true love and without them in your life you will surely die… or at least go locally extinct.


If you want a little more choice Check out our full Plant Range to find that perfect plant to give for Valentine's Day.


Top off Valentine's day with the perfect pot

Go the extra mile and give your partner a beautiful ceramic pot to go with their plant! I mean, nothing says cheapskate more than serving your plant up a plastic plant pot! After all, you were just about to blow your cash on a dozen dying roses! Add a stunning pot to go with your plant and you’ll come in under budget and go over on the Valentine's Day kudos! See full Pot Range.


Even if you’re not a regular Valentine's Day gift giver, then giving a gift this year will come as more of a surprise than ever! Double points for you, but who’s keeping score. Oh that’s right, she is...

For the ladies, make it easy on your fella this year by sharing this article to let them know that a stunning plant in a beautiful pot will keep them sweet this Valentine’s Day.

We deliver our plants and pots, fully potted together in sustainable packaging, straight your door.

It can remain in its packaging quite happily for a few days after delivery, perfect if you are planning to plant a Valentine’s gift on someone special.


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