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The Rock Fig (Ficus Petiolaris)


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This amazingly specialised little fig is native to Mexico and was first described in 1817 by German botanist Carl Sigismund Kunth. It gets it's name, very creatively, from the rocky environments it is often found growing in.

This unique fig is perhaps best known for it's beautiful heart-shaped leaves with pink leaf veins. It will also produce a caudex from a very young age.

One of the most interesting things about this fig is that in order to produce seed it rely's on a single, highly specialised wasp pollinator which is in turn completely reliant on the fig to breed. To support it's pollinator wild populations of these figs must be large enough to allow individual Figs to flower asynchronously otherwise the polinator will go locally extinct.


Water it as you would most indoor plants, that is when the top 2-3 cm of soil in the pot dries out. The period between watering should increase through the colder months as it will take longer for the top few centimetres of soil to dry.


They grow best in bright indirect light but will handle a bit of shade. THey will handle full sun but will produce smaller leaves that have a tendancy to cup. In shadier positions the leaves will be large and flat.

Managing growth

They are currently approximately 25cm tall however they will grow into a small tree in the wild. When grown in pots they mill remain much smaller and can be kept in the same pot for many years to limit their growth, as such they make an excellent bonsai plant.

Greeting your Rock Fig when it arrives

These plants are shipped in a 1.5L nursery pot that is wrapped in a calico bag to keep the soil in during transport. They will fit any pot from our Medium Pot Range.