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White Wizard Pot with choice of Plant


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The White Wizard is a beautifully distinguished handmade ceramic pot that is covered in the markings of wisdom! They also have a drainage hole to improve airflow to your plants roots and a saucer to keep your furniture safe....wise!Ā 

These pots are approximately 15cm high x 18cm wide.

Add a Swiss Cheese Plant

The Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera deliciosa) is probably one of the easiest houseplants to care for. Some even say they thrive on neglect. So, if your a rubbish plant parent these guys are for you!

Native to the tropical rainforests of southern Mexico down to Panama their big glossy-green, swiss cheese like leaves will add a sculptural element whilst also bringing those jungle vibes to any room.

Add a Rhipsalis horrida

ļ»æThisĀ amazing member of the Jungle Cactus group produces a mess of thick multi-branched stems that are reddish green at the tips and sage green along the stem with bristly reddish-brown to white hairs.

This crazy little dude is native to Madagascar.Ā As it matures it will start to branch from the tips of the stems as well as the base. A great option for adding some chilled out vibes to any room that gets bright indirect light.

Add a Madagascar Palm

ļ»æEndemic to the spiny forests of Madagascar, these super easy to care for spiky succulents have a crown of glossy green leaves. When they mature they will produce clusters of beautifully fragrant Frangipani-like flowers through the summer.

This is the perfect plant if your after something really cool and unusual - a real WTF is that plant! The best thing is you basically don't have to water it though winter.