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The Tripot - Chun


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The Tripot is a proud planter that stands up for what it believes in. What it believes in is raising your plant up to heights it has never been so that it can be admired by all those lucky enough to see it! This proud planter, handmade by master ceramicist, Mark Gambino has been glazed in Chun. Chun is a blue/grey and white glaze specially formulated by Mark! 

The Tripot has a drainage hole to provide better air circulation to your plant. Best to let your plant drain completely befor placing it back on your antique cabinet that was passed down to you from your great great graet great great Grandmother.

This planter is part of our small range, as such it will fit any plant from our small range. Any pot from our small ceramics range will fit and conceal a 100mm diameter plastic nursery pot.

Pot dimensions: 11.5cm wide x 14cm tall (fits any of our small plant range)

A bit about the ceramicist

This piece was made by master potter Mark Gambino. Mark was introduced to pottery in primary school at the age of 10. He loved the feel of clay and being able to create from the earth. After a short session at school he begged his parents to enrol him in a pottery school. Mark now has over 40 years experience and has made pottery for David Jones and Country Road. 

In 2017 Mark opened his own studio where he teaches and thankfully continues to make pottery. He's still passionate about his craft, always trying to better his work. In recent years making his own glazes and experimenting with new colours and effects has become a bit of an obsession for Mark.

How will I receive my new pot

If you purchase the pot alone it will be delivered securely in recycled cardboard packaging. If you purchase a plant to go with this pot we will package them together in our unique 100% recyclable packaging system designed to support a fully potted plant and its new ceramic home. 

When you buy from us

When you purchase a ceramic piece from us you should feel awesome, because you are awesome! Why are you awesome?

You are buying a quality product and you are supporting a small Australian business. But most importantly you are purchasing sustainably - our products are delivered in fully recyclable packaging via a carbon neutral postal service and $1 from every item you purchase goes to protecting and regenerating the Daintree Rainforest.

So thanks for being awesome!