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Sinningia Bullata


Sinningia bullata is a weird and wonderful bulb native to Southern Brazil. It grows in the wild on trees and rocky cliffs. It has bubbly green leaves and white furry stems that sprout from its caudex (water storing bulb).

It produces red to orange tubular flowers that are present year round in most climates. This little beauty will also handle the cold pretty well.


You can water this plant as much as you like throughout the growing season (Spring/Summer). The more the better! Water much less in Autumn and Winter, like once a month or less.


An easy plant to care for, it likes bright indirect light but will tolerate more shade. It is happy in a humid spot but will also do well in less humid positions.

Managing growth

It won't get much larger than 40x40 cm but as it gets older and more mature the caudex will get much larger and it will throw up more stems each year with more flowers. Mature plants are beautifully unique and captivating!

Greeting your Sinningia bullata

We package Sinningia bullata in an approximately 140mm plastic pot within our unique plant packaging system. If you purchase a ceramic pot in the same order we will transport it together in the one delivery.

Sinningia bullata Care Guide