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Rhipsalis Teres


An epiphytic jungle cactus native to Eastern and South-Eastern Brazil. It has a mess of fine multi-branched stems that are lime green at the tips and darker at the base. 

It's amazing two-type foliage looks like little green fireworks exploding out of it's pot, making a statement wherever it is! It also produces little white flowers along the stems.


Water when the top 2-3cm of soil in the pot dries out during the Spring and Summer months. Water much less during Autumn and Winter.


Likes bright indirect light and humidity but will also handle a bit of shade. Great for kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms that get a bit of natural light.

Managing growth

It's a tangle of beautiful reddish-green foliage can get over a metre long making it a real show stopper as it matures!

Greeting your Rhipsalis teres

We package these plants in an approximately 140mm plastic pot within our unique plant packaging system. If you purchase a ceramic pot in the same order we will transport it together in the one delivery.

Jungle Cactus Care Guide