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Rhipsalis platycarpa


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An absolute Rhippa of an epiphytic catus (haha see what we did there) from the Organ Mountains in Brazil. These guys are a sculptural, medium sized plant that produce flattened leaf like joints on semi-arching to trailing stems. They are somewhat similiar and closely related to those Christmas Cacti (Schlumbergera sp.) that your Nana grows only much cooler (take that Nana)! In response to strong light and also to cold these dudes turn a deep purple colour, starting from the leaf margins, which looks amazing!

These plants have been described (by us) as the Monstera deliciosa of epiphytic cacti because they are so easy to care for and actually thrive on neglect!


Thriugh the growing season these plants like heaps of water, more than your average cacti. Water when the top 2-3cm of soil in the pot dries out during the Spring and Summer months. Water much less during Autumn and Winter. Never allow these guys to stand in water as they will rot.


They love bright indirect light but like all Jungle Cacti they can tolerate shade. To get the best colours out of these guys either grow them in strong light or allow them to get a bit cold through winter. For example you could leave them on a covered deck or balcony so they're protected from frost but still get that winter chill. 

The only thing these plants get a bit finicky about is being moved once they've set bud. Once you see flowers developing leave them the hell alone or they will drop those buds. This won't hurt the plant but you will be sad because you won't get any flowers fool!

Managing growth

These little guys currently have 4-5 stems that are 25-40cm long. As they mature they may get to 80cm long with multiple branches on each stem. They look seriously amazing in a raised pot or on a stack of books on top of a low shelf, bench or cabinet.

Greeting your Rhipsalis platycarpa

We ship these plants in a 1.5L nursery pot within our unique plant packaging system and will fit any pot from our medium classic pot range. 

Jungle Cactus Care Guide