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Philodendron gigas


Philodendron gigas is arguably one of the most beautiful philodendrons getting around. Although there is some debate about its place of origin it is generally accepted that it is found only in a very localised area of Panama. In the wild it grows as a hemiepiphyte (both in trees and from the ground up a tree) at altitudes of 300-375m above sea level in wet rainforest. What makes these plants so beautiful is there large(like really large), thick, velvety leaves, their pinkish new growth and their appressed (tree hugging) habit. In the wild the leaves have been recorded at over 1.2m long, whilst this is unlikely in cultivation they will still get very large.

Plant Sizes

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These plants are shipped fully potted in our unique plant packaging system designed to keep your plant safe and the soil in the pot during transport. 


Wait until the top 2-3cm centimetres of soil in the pot has dried out before watering heavily. Water a little bit less in in the cooler month to replicate the tropical dry season. 


Being a hemiepiphyte in the wild they love bright indirect light, the kind of light you would receive if you were growing in the canopy of a large rainforest tree. As they are found in the wet tropics of Panama they also require a humid position. Best to keep them inside throughout the winter months, they hate the cold.

Managing growth

They are currently about 20cm tall with 13cm leaves. 

Under the right conditions they are relatively fast growing and if provided a support to climb they will produce larger leaves.

Philodendron Care Guide