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Philodendron crassinervium


These super easy to care for plants are a native of southeast Brazil with long lance-shaped leaves that point upwards with a large, very obvious midvein. The midvein is used to store water for periods of drought that occur during the dry season.

Along the midvein there are small red glands that produce a clear sap that results in a freckled-look on both sides of the leaves. This baby has a climbing growth habit and loves to throw out bright red aerial roots.


Wait until the top 2-3cm centimetres of soil in the pot has dried out before watering heavily. Water less in in the cooler month to replicate the tropical dry season.


Bright indirect light and a humid position is great for these guys. They are pretty tolerant of cooler temperatures (not frost) and even mildly salt tolerant.

Managing growth

Currently about 40cm tall but the leaves themselves can eventually grow to almost a meter long with a width of about 10 cm when mature making them a striking feature in the home.

Greeting your Philodendron crassinervium

We package these plants in an approximately 140mm plastic pot within our unique plant packaging system. If you purchase a ceramic pot in the same order we will transport it together in the one delivery.

Philodendron Care Guide