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Philodendron Birkin


Philodendron Birkin is the result of fiddling by a bunch of master plant manipulators (i.e. it has been bred) to create a really hardy, compact growing little Philo with beautiful pinstripe variegation on the leaves. 

These guys are a 'self-heading' Philodendron variety. This means it has leaves that are spaced so closely on the stem that the internodes aren't visible until they are much older or until of the lower leaves begin to naturally fall off. This makes it unique from most other Philodendrons which are distinctly vine-like.

These varieties make awesome indoor plants due to their abundance of beautiful foliage and stiff stems which allow them to remain upright for a number of years, unlike vining types which require a support to remain upright.

We've matched the Ladyfinger Cactus to The Tripot - Purple Haze, handmade by master ceramicist, Mark Gambino but you can select any pot from Our Small Range to complete the look. 


Wait until the top 2-3cm centimetres of soil in the pot has dried out before watering heavily.


Bright indirect light and a humid position is great for these guys. For example an East or North facing window in your kitchen. They'll handle a bit less light though, just give them a bit less water. Something to note with these guys is that they will lose the intensity of the variegation in thier leaves when exposed to really hot temperatures. So keep them in a cool shady spot in summer.

Managing growth

Currently about 10-15cm tall and will only get up to about 30cm tall when mature making them a striking little feature plant for a small benchtop of shelf.

Greeting your Philodendron Birkin

These little legends are part of our samll plant range, as such they will be delivered in a 100mm plastic nursery pot within our unique plant packaging system. 

Philodendron Care Guide


    The Tripot - Purple Haze and the Ceramicist 

    This Tripot has been glazed in Purple Haze. Purple haze is a dirty (in a good way) Purple glaze that has been specially formulated by Mark! The Tripot also has a drainage hole to provide better air circulation to your plant. 

    Mark was introduced to pottery in primary school at the age of 10. He loved the feel of clay and being able to create from the earth. After a short session at school he begged his parents to enrol him in a pottery school. Mark now has over 40 years experience and has made pottery for David Jones and Country Road. 

    In 2017 Mark opened his own studio where he teaches and thankfully continues to make pottery. He's still passionate about his craft, always trying to better his work. In recent years making his own glazes and experimenting with new colours and effects has become a bit of an obsession for Mark.