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Paphiopedilum Maudiae alba + Milky Way Planter


Will the real Paphiopedilum Maudie please stand up! The Paphiopedilum Maudie varieties were created in the 19th century by crossing P. callosum with P. lawrenceanum. This was first done with the alba (white) forms of both parents which resulted in a flower with a beautiful white dorsal sepal (the top part of the flower) with green pinstripes and an apple green, pouch shaped labellum (the slipper bit). Hence the Paph. Maudiae alba was born! The leaves are also striking with light green mottling on a dark green background.

the genus Paphiopedilum, commonly referred to as Slipper Orchids are found throughout Asia. In the wild they grow in leaf litter and moss in well drained positions amonst rocks. As understory Orchids they require a lot less light than most other orchid varieties. The Maudiae Paphs are particularly easy going and more importantly easy to flower indoors.


Water so that the root system remains moist but not wet or soggy. These guys won't tolerate sitting in water but they can handle drying out for short periods. As a guide water twice a week in the evenings in Summer and once a week in the mornings in Winter.


An easy plant to care for, they prefer a shady and humid spot, similiar to most ferns. As understroy dwellers they require a lot less light than most orchids to grow and flower making them a perfect orchid for indoors.

Managing growth

At present these plants are approximately 10cm tall and will remain happy in the Milky Way planter for a number of years. They should however be repotted at least every two years to keep the media fresh. When repotting use a good quality orchid bark such as Orchiata or coconut husk chip with some perlite - don't buy that crap from a certain hardware store chain starting with B.

Paphiopediulm care guide

  • Coming soon! (PDF)

About the pot

A striking hand-made ceramic piece. This pot is made with a simple yet elegant white glaze. This pot has been high-fired to ensure it is extremely durable. These planters have drainage holes and come with a matching coaster (not saucer) to maintain the clean lines of this pot. The bottom of the coaster has been sanded smooth to ensure it won't scratch your furniture.

Pot dimensions: 9cm tall x 9cm wide (about the size of a coffee mug)

A bit about the ceramicist

This piece was made by the amazingly talented Jenn Johnstone of Jenn Johnstone Ceramics. After a change of scenery from inner city Melbourne to Mullumbimby in Northern NSW, Jen decided to pursue her long held desire to work with clay. Fast forward a few years and she is creating beautifully elegant and functional hand crafted ceramics in her garden studio. Jen's work reflects her love of gardening, contemporary design and Japanese aesthetics.

How will I receive my new pot and plant

This item is part of our pre-potted mini range. As such your plant will arrive already potted directly into its new ceramic home. We will wrap the pot up in calico to ensure no soil is lost during transport and deliver them securely in our 100% recyclable cardboard packaging. 

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