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Pachypodium saundersii


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Endemic to the spiny forests of Madagascar, these super easy to care for spiky succulents produce little green leaves on the ends of their unusual stems. Produces terminal clusters of large, purple tinged, white flowers that are pollinated by moths.

Through the warmer months (whilst it has leaves) water as you would most indoor plants - when the 2-3cm of soil in the pot dries out. In the cooler months water very little only once the soil has completely dried out.

Loves bright direct light so near a westerly or south facing window or balcony is great.

These guys are currently about 15cm tall but over time will grow into a beautifully sculptural little shrub with a very bulbous pachycaudal (water holding) stem.

They come in an approximately 140mm pot (plastic pot sizes vary slightly to suit each ceramic pot, all plants are the same size as plants of the same species ragardless of slight variations in pot size!)

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