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Pachypodium horembense


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Named after the place it was discovered by some lazy-arse botanist this insanely cool plant is endemic to the Horombe Plateau in Madagascar. Unlike their cousin the Madagascar Palm that eventually form small trees with branching high on the stem these guys have a shrub like habit, producing multiple, chunky (that's a technical botany term btw) arms from their short fat stems. Like their cousin they're also super easy to care for, produce spikes along their branches and stems and produce a crown of glossy green leaves at the termination of each branch. When they mature they will produce clusters of broadly cup-shaped golden flowers through the summer.

Kind of like a fat little plant version of the monster from stranger things but less likely to try and destroy humanity!

Please note: in a temperate climate these plants lose their leaves in winter so if you're purchasing at this time you may recieve a plant that is losing or has lost it's leaves - don't worry though, they still look super cool and are perfectly healthy!


Through the warmer months (whilst it has leaves) water as you would most indoor plants - when the 2-3cm of soil in the pot dries out. In the cooler months water very little or not at all.


They need bright direct light for a good portion of the day. Not so good for a bathroom but great for a westerly or north facing window that keeps burning your philodendrons and obliterating your ferns.

Managing growth

These guys are currently about 20cm tall but over time will grow into a beautifully sculptural many branched small shrub about 1m tall with a bulbous pachycaudal (water holding) stem. Trust us when we say that everyone you know will say 'what the hell is that plant and where did you get it?"

Greeting your Pachypodium

These little legends ship in a 100mm nursery pot and are part of our small plant range meaning they will fit perfectly in any pot from out small ceramics range. If you purchase a ceramic pot in the same order we will transport it together in the one delivery. 

Pachypodium Care Guide