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Nepenthes Louisa


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Nepenthes, commonly known as Pitcher Plants are tropical climbing vines that produce unusual but very attractive pitcher shaped traps on the ends of their glossy leaves. The traps lure, catch and digest insects and other small animals as a source of Nitrogen which is often scarce or unavailable in the nutrient poor environments in which they have evolved.

Nepenthes Louisa is a hybrid cultivar that was developed in the Netherlands. They produce elegant light green pitchers with small red spots inside. These plants are pretty cold hardy compared to some of the lowland species, produce pitchers readily and require little maintenance.


These legends should be grown in a free draining media that has good moisture retention. Their media should be kept moist at all times so they should be watered regularly but they should not be allowed to sit in water as this can cause the roots to rot. They will tolerate and can even benefit from short period of dry potting media but this shouldn't be a regular occurrence.


They will perform best and produce the greatest number of pitchers in a warm humid position with lots of bright indirect light. Making them perfectly suited to a brightly lit kitchen or laundry. Sounds gross but if you get dead flies in the corners of your windows from time to time chuck them into the pitchers!

Managing growth

These beauties have a sprawling/vining habit and are currently about 10cm wide. Eventually their stems can reach 2m long but they can be pruned in spring to keep them more compact. They may flower throughout the year but the flowers are insignificant and should be pruned off to promote pitcher formation.

Greeting your Nepenthes Louisa

These plants are shipped in a 100mm nursery pot that is wrapped in a calico bag to keep the soil in during transport. They will fit any pot from our Small Plant and Pot Range.

Nepenthes Care Guide

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