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Ledebouria petiolata a.k.a Drimiopsis maculata


Ledebouria is a genus of small, attractive and very hardy bulbs in the Hyacinth family. These little legends are native accross sub-Saharan Africa with a few outlying species in Madagascar and India. 

Ledebouria petiolata, formally known as Drimiopsis maculata is a particularly awesome little bulb that is really tlerant of neglect making them super easy to grow. They produce clumps of pinkish-white bulbs that each produce 1 to 2 cordate leaves on long slender petioles (leaf stalks). Each leaf is covered with striking purple spots which make it a very attractive pot plant.  


Re-water when the soil is almost dry, about two to three times a week in Summer and every week or two in winter. These guys are quite drought tolerant so best to underwater rather than overwater. 


A position with heaps of bright indirect light is great for these guys. They will handel full morning sun but not afternoon sun, especially in summer as the leaves will burn. They are also perfectly happy in a shady spot but the marking on the leaves will become dull over time if growm in shade.

Managing growth

These beauties remain fairly compact only growing to around 35cm tall and forming a clump of bulbs approximately 30cm wide. The clump of bulbs can beeasily divided to keep the plants small. Currently they are about 10-15cm tall.

Greeting your Ledebouria petiolata

These plants are shipped in a 100mm nursery pot that is wrapped in a calico bag to keep the soil in during transport. They will fit any pot from our small plant and pot collection.

Bulbs Care Guide

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