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Hoya Pauciflora


The Hoya pauciflora is a beautiful little Hoya from Burma! It has narrow leaves that can vary from 3-9cm long but never get wider than 1cm. Depending on wether they are grown in strong light or not the leaves will be either a pale almost lime green or dark green but they are always lighter on the undersurface of the leaf. 

As the species name pauciflora suggests this species produces relatively few flowers as they only produce 1-2 flowers at a time rather than in large clusters as most Hoyas do. What they lack in quality they make up for in quantity howerver. Each flower can be nearly 4cm wide and can be produced at any time of the year. They have brillient white petals and a small red corona (ring of petaloid structures resembling a crown) and are beautifully scented.

We've matched the Hoya Pauciflora to The Tripot - Chun, handmade by master ceramicist, Mark Gambino but you can select any pot from Our Small Range to complete the look.



As a general rule, let the top 1-2cm of soil in the pot dry out before watering again in the growing season (Spring and Summer). In the colder months let them dry out much more before watering again.

Position and Lighting

Like most Hoyas they can handle shade but if you want them to flower, and believe me, you want them to flower, they need very light. As well as bright light these Hoyas also flower in response to increasing temperature difference between night and day. So as the nights get cooler consider leaveing them somewhere that they will get cold at night (but not frost) but stay warm during the day. For example you could leave them on a warm sunny window sill but crack the window at night so they get that cold draft.

Managing Growth

 These plants currently have 2-3 stems approximately 25cm long. They will remain happy in the pot they are shipped in for a few years before they require repotting.

What to do when it arrives

These plants are part of our small plant range as such they will be shipped in a 100mm diameter nursery pot that fits in any of our small ceramics range.

Ongoing care 

Hoyas are one of the toughest plants getting around the greenhouse so they are really easy to care for! Download the care guide so you know how to treat them special. 

    The Tripot - Chun and the Ceramicist 

    This Tripot has been glazed in Chun. Chun is a blue/grey and white glaze specially formulated by Mark! The Tripot also has a drainage hole to provide better air circulation to your plant. 

    Mark was introduced to pottery in primary school at the age of 10. He loved the feel of clay and being able to create from the earth. After a short session at school he begged his parents to enrol him in a pottery school. Mark now has over 40 years experience and has made pottery for David Jones and Country Road. 

    In 2017 Mark opened his own studio where he teaches and thankfully continues to make pottery. He's still passionate about his craft, always trying to better his work. In recent years making his own glazes and experimenting with new colours and effects has become a bit of an obsession for Mark.