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Hoya acuta Pink


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The Hoya acuta Pink is a beautiful little Hoya from Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. It has medium sized oval leaves that terminate in a point, hence the species name acuta. The leaves have a prominent mid-rib, some pink spotting and sometimes, in the right light, blotches of bronze. This is a reasonably fast growing Hoya that is well suited to life indoors. 

This beauty has been known to bloom repeatedly, producing tight umbels (rounded flower cluster) of 15-40 whitish-pink, fragrant flowers.


As a general rule, let the top 1-2cm of soil in the pot dry out before watering again in the growing season (Spring and Summer). In the colder months let them dry out much more before watering again. In a temperate climate Hoyas hate cold water sitting of the leaves and damp soggy soil through winter.

Position and Lighting

Like most Hoyas they can handle shade but if you want them to flower, and believe me, you want them to flower, they need bright light for a good portion of the day. Somewhere close to (but not too close) to a large north facing window is great for these lovely ladies.

Managing Growth

These plants currently have 1-3 stems approximately 25cm long. They will remain happy in the pot they are shipped in for a few years before they require repotting.

What to do when it arrives

These plants are part of our small plant range as such they will be shipped in a 100mm diameter plastic nursery pot that fits in any of our small ceramics range.

Ongoing care 

Hoyas are one of the toughest plants getting around the greenhouse so they are really easy to care for! Download the care guide so you know how to treat them special.