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Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata)


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A native of Central America it's mess of long lacy fronds makes this plant a striking addition to any house. This super hardy fern is one of the best plants around for filtering nasty-arse toxins out of the air! 

Water these guys when the top 2-3cm ofsoil in the pot feels dry. These guys are one of the most drought ferns out there so no need to worry if you suck at watering!

Like most indoor plants they are happiest in bright indirect light suach as near an East or North facing window. These dudes love bathrooms too as long as there is a bit of natural light for them.

They are currently about 30cm x 30cm but with a bit of care (not much really, they're super hardy) they will get to about double this size.

They come in an approximately 140mm pot (plastic pot sizes vary slightly to suit each ceramic pot, all plants are the same size as plants of the same species ragardless of slight variations in pot size!) Ceramic pot sold seperately.

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