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Aeshynanthus bracteatus 'Thai Purple'



Aeshynanthus is a genus of approximately 150 species of epiphytic plants (they hang out in trees, occasionally on rocks), they belong to the family Gesneriaceae meaning they are related to the weird and wonderful Sinningia as well as African Violets and a bunch of other botanical oddities.

Aeshynanthus bracteatus has a very upright habit compared to some of the other Aeshynanthus species. It's deep green and purple edged leaves are arranged in pairs on dark purple, hairy stems. They produce clusters of tubular flowers at the end of each stem. The flowers are, you guessed it, purple!

Plant Sizes

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Wait until the top few centimetres of potting media has dried out before watering heavily. These guys are a bit less drought tolerant than some of the other Aeshynanthus species and prefer to remain evenly moist during hot weather. Keep them a bit drier over winter.


Lots of bright indirect light and a humid position is great for these beauties! They are happy in a window that gets bright indirect light for only a short part of the day, making them perfect for those tricky spots in the house that only get good light for a little while. Low humidity will make the ends of the new leaves brown a little bit but this is nothing to worry about.

Managing growth

Their beautiful pendulous stems are about 40cm long but can eventually grow to a bit over a meter long making them an absolutely breathtaking feature plant if you have the space. After they have finished flowering cut the stems back reasonably hard to encourage prolific branching.

Aeshynanthus Care Guide