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Curly Sue with Mini Bench Planter


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A super 'loco' constantly curly, epiphytic cactus. Originally from the jungles of Guatemala. Their unique form and striking green foliage makes them a stand out in any location. Plus, they're super easy to care for, especially if you're one of those people who forgets to water!

Curly Sue will produce spectacular white flowers that uniquely open at night so they can be pollinated by bats and moths (don’t worry they won’t attract bats into your house). Once pollinated it produces bright pink fruits that are edible.


Requires infrequent watering. Water when the top one-third of the soil in the pot dries out.


Not particularly fussy about where it lives as long as it doesn't get direct sunlight. Curly Sue loves bright indirect light but will also do well in shade.


May get up to 50x50 cm. Place them somewhere where their amazing foliage can tumble over the edge of a bench or shelf for the best effect!

Ongoing care

Curly Sue is easy to care for and will constantly impress. As any plant owner knows, it is good to get an idea of what she likes and is used to when growing in the wild

    About the pot

    A beautifully elegant hand-made ceramic piece. This pot is made with a simple yet elegant, gritty clay coated with a clear glaze that has been high-fired to ensure it is extremely durable. These planters have drainage holes and come with a matching coaster (not saucer) to maintain the clean lines of this pot. The bottom of the coaster has been sanded smooth to ensure it won't scratch your furniture.

    A bit about the ceramicist

    This piece was made by the amazingly talented Jenn Johnstone of Jenn Johnstone Ceramics. After a change of scenery from inner city Melbourne to Mullumbimby in Northern NSW, Jen decided to pursue her long held desire to work with clay. Fast forward a few years and she is creating beautifully elegant and functional hand crafted ceramics in her garden studio. Jen's work reflects her love of gardening, contemporary design and Japenese aesthetics.

    How will I recieve my new pot and plant

    This item is part of our pre-potted minis range. As such your little Curly Sue will arrive already potted directly into it's new ceramic home. We will wrap the pot up in calico to ensure no soil is lost during transport and deliver them securely in our 100% recycleable cardboard packaging. 

    When you buy from us

    When you purchase a ceramic piece from us you should feel awsome, because you are awesome! Why are you awesome?

    You are buying a quality product that is Austalian made and you are supporting a small business that supports other small Australian businesses. But most importantly you are puchasing sustainably - our products are delivered in fully recycleable packaging via a cabon neautral postal service and $1 from every item you purchase goes to protecting and regenerating the Daintree Rainforest.

    So thanks for being awesome!