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Madagascar Palm + Satin Matte Squat Pot


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Endemic to the spiny forests of Madagascar, these super easy to care for spiky succulents have a crown of glossy green leaves. When they mature they will produce clusters of beautifully fragrant Frangipani-like flowers through the summer.


Through the warmer months (whilst it has leaves) water as you would most indoor plants - when the 2-3cm of soil in the pot dries out. In the cooler months water very little or not at all.


Loves bright direct light so near a westerly or south facing window or balcony is great.

Managing growth

These guys are currently about 20cm tall but over time will grow into a beautifully sculptural small tree with a bulbous pachycaudal (water holding) stem.

Madagascar Palm Care Guide

A bit about the pot

The Saturn is a cosmic delight with overlapping layers of glaze like the rings of Saturn and brown flecks like the surrounding asteroid field. Handmade by master ceramicist, Mark Gambino. The cosmic colours of this beautiful pot pair perfectly with almost alien shape of the Madagascar Palm.

A bit about the ceramicist

This piece was made by master potter Mark Gambino. Mark was introduced to pottery in primary school at the age of 10. He loved the feel of clay and being able to create from the earth. After a short session at school he begged his parents to enrol him in a pottery school. Mark now has over 40 years experience and has made pottery for David Jones and Country Road. 

In 2017 Mark opened his own studio where he teaches and thankfully continues to make pottery. He's still passionate about his craft, always trying to better his work. In recent years making his own glazes and experimenting with new colours and effects has become a bit of an obsession for Mark.

How will I receive my new pot

Your Madagascar Palm will arrived packaged with the Saturn planter in our unique 100% recyclable packaging system designed to support a fully potted plant and its new ceramic home. Your Madagascar Palm will come in a 1.5L plastic nursery pot that fits perfectly inside the planter. As the Saturn doesn't have a drainage hole this allows you to take your Madagascar Palm out to water. 


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