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Ficus elastica Burgundy


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A widley cultivated and super popular fig native to South East Asia. They are an evergreen fig with large glossy leaves that, you guessed it, are a deep burgundy colour. The actual species Ficus elastica has glossy green leaves but has been cultivated extensively to produce varieties with many different leaf colours and patterns like the Burgundy, Tineke, Ruby e.t.c.

Why have they been so widely cultivated you ask? Well because they're very attractive plants which make quite the statemant and they are tolerant of low light AND they're tough as hell! If you kill one you should probably just give up on owning plants all together. 


Water when the top few centimetres of soil in the pot has dried out, usually once every 1-2 weeks. It's better to underwater rather overwater these guys. 
Also it is important to make sure they never sit in water as this is about the only way to kill them.


They love bright indirect  bright light, but can handle a bit more shade. A spot that doesn't get cold draughts is ideal.

Managing growth

In they wild these beauties can get to over thirty metres tall but they can happily be kept small in a pot, which is another reason they are so popular in cultivation. Once they become potbound it is a good idea to pot them up. Just make sure they have a free draining mix.

Currently these plants are approximately 60-70cm tall with 1-2 stems. 

Greeting your Fig

These plants are shipped in a 1.5L nursery pot that is wrapped in a calico bag to keep the soil in during transport. They will fit any pot from our Classic Pot Range.

Fig Owners Guide

Although it’s unlikely your pets will eat the plant, it may be mildly toxic to your more curious of furry friends. Fiddle Leaf Figs prefer to not get frosty - who doesn’t? It can be susceptible to root rot so don’t overwater and you will be fine.