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Epipremnum pinnatum


An Australian native aroid found along the Queensland coast. These awesome plants are very similar to the more commonly cultivated Monstera deliciosa.

Like their Monstera cousins they have a climbing habit and in the wild they attach themselves to trees in an effort to find more light in the rainforest.

They also produce an edible fruit very similar in appearance and flavour to that of Monstera. The plant itself is quite poisonous though so don't go adding the leaves to your fruit salad! Best of all they are very very hardy!


Wait until the top 2-3cm centimetres of soil in the pot has dried out before watering heavily. Water less in in the cooler month to replicate the tropical dry season.


Lots of bright indirect light and a humid position is great for these guys. They are pretty tolerant of cooler temperatures.

Managing growth

Currently about 25cm tall and 40cm wide but the leaves themselves can eventually grow to half a meter long and if provided with something to climb will grow into a striking feature plant.

Greeting your Epipremnum Pinnatum

These plants are shipped in a 1.5L nursery pot that is wrapped in a calico bag to keep the soil in during transport. They will fit any pot from our Classic Pot Range.

Epipremnum Pinnatum Care Guide