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Rhipsalis pentaptera


A member of the Jungle Cacti tribe from the tropical rainforests of Brazil where it is threatened by habitat loss! It produces star shaped stem segments that shoot off at an angle from a node of the previous segment giving it a multi branched appearance. The more mature parts of the plant are deep green, newer growth is lighter in colour. Like pretty much all Jungle Cacti this beauty is super easy to care for!


Water when the top 2-3cm of soil in the pot dries out during the Spring and Summer months. Water much less during Autumn and Winter. This Cacti is happy to remain on the drier side so if in doubt let it dry out!


As it has adapted to life under the rainforest canopy it likes bright indirect light and humidity but will also handle a bit of shade. Great for kitchens or bathrooms that get a bit of natural light.

Managing growth

Your plant's beautiful chain-like stems will be 30-60cm long when you receive it and it will continue to fill out. They look amazing in any handmade ceramic pot, especially when paired with plants of a similiar habit but different foliage shape such as a Hoya or Selenecerius chrysocardium.

Greeting your Rhipsalis pentaptera

These plants are shipped in a 1.5L nursery pot that is wrapped in a calico bag to keep the soil in during transport. They will fit any pot from our Classic Pot Range.

Jungle Cactus Care Guide